EBS Consulting has considerable expertise and experience in providing horticulture and rural development consultancy services to a wide range of UK and international clients. Examples of assignments include:


We are currently working on the development of a vocational agricultural training facility in Rivers State, Nigeria. This includes a demonstration farm in agriculture and agro-industry.


We are also working on a large-scale cassava production and processing venture in Nigeria.  This is primarily concerned with the agricultural aspects of the new farms, which in total will cover 15,000 hectares.  Key areas covered included; bush clearing, crop agronomy, establishment of co-operatives, land lease terms and relationships between the growers and processor.  The project is being funded by DfID.


Development of an export marketing plan and business plan for a farmer-owned horticultural sales company, made up of medium-sized growers in Ghana


Research on behalf of Kenyan flower producers to help them set up a UK based business development functions. We were funded by the EU to prepare a marketing plan for a large Kenyan vegetable exporter, who wished to expand his sales from the UK to continental Europe.


Business planning and trade development for a number of Egyptian fresh produce exporters to expand into the UK market


Business plan development for a proposed irrigated vegetable farm in Kaduna, Nigeria. This was prepared for a group of widowed Nigerian women and their communities to run as a co-operative.

We developed a business plan for a Kenyan NGO and a commercial produce exporter, to supply Fair Trade vegetables to European supermarkets


We were employed by a private venture capital company in Ghana to undertake an inspection of a 1,800ha site to evaluate its suitability for a large-scale, export orientated, fruit and vegetable farm


We have also undertaken a review of domestic and export marketing of cut flowers, fruit and vegetables in Zimbabwe. Industry constraints were identified and opportunities for possible USAID interventions set out, with special reference to the needs of SME.


We worked with Business Link and the Countryside Agency to develop a nationwide pilot Farm Development programme to coincide with the launch of the Rural Business Advisory Service. Also, we successfully developed a new food cluster group for Surrey with the SEFGP, Surrey Food Links, which involved developing a costed business plan for SEEDA funding, setting up a public/private partnership board and successfully securing regional funding the group.


Working with DEFRA we developed the Whole Farm Plan concept in Surrey, ensuring social, economic and environmental factors were taken into account by farmers when looking at farm diversification proposals. These were then linked through to the local authority planning departments to provide them with a better understanding of the wider benefits of farm diversification proposals where appropriate.